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Welcome to Hovingham

At Hovingham School, we believe that all children are unique individuals with a right to a safe and happy environment which offers acceptance and respect for everyone, enabling all to reach their full potential.    Read More >>

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"The school is exceptionally well led"

"The ‘family and inclusion team’ performs a crucial role in supporting families who are new to the school and in addressing attendance issues."

"High expectations permeate the work of the school and, as a result, standards are now rising and the rates of progress in all subjects are accelerating."

"Pupils are extremely proud of their school. There is a strong sense of belonging that is shared by pupils and staff alike at ‘Team Hovingham’. "

"The school’s work to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is of a very high standard and is underpinned by the prioritising of pupils’ personal, social and emotional development."

"The curriculum provides rich learning for all pupils."

"The Headteacher’s work to transform the fortunes of the school is inspirational. She is relentless in her drive to make Hovingham Primary School a beacon of excellence and this drive is shared by all."

"Senior leaders are clear about what makes effective teaching and learning and undertake rigorous checks to ensure that good-quality teaching is consistently delivered across the school."

"Leaders have embedded a culture of mutual respect and shared responsibility; this strong sense of teamwork, between all staff, is evident when you enter the school."

"Investment in professional development and training for staff is a priority for leaders."

"Many of the families of children who are new to school are particularly vulnerable and leaders offer valuable support through a dedicated ‘family and inclusion team’. It is testimony to the skill of this team that the process of transition into the school is seamless."

"Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school and this is represented by the positive comments and feedback given to inspectors. The school fulfils an important role within the community, particularly for vulnerable families."

"Governors know the school well and share a vision for excellence along with the wider leadership of the school."

"Teaching assistants working within classes provide effective and timely support to meet the learning needs of all pupils."

"The teaching of PE is a strength of the school."

"A raft of extra-curricular opportunities supplement the skills developed within lessons."

"Expectations regarding pupils’ behaviour and attitudes towards learning are high and applied consistently by all staff. As a result, pupils are confident to try new things and keen to do their best."