Team Hovingham

Every member of staff makes a contribution to making Hovingham Primary School the best that it can be - whether they are full time or part time, in or out of the classroom, in teaching or supporting roles.  Together we are Team Hovingham.

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The Family and Inclusion Team

The Family and Inclusion Team supports children and families across the school, working with class based staff and other professionals to ensure that children are safe, happy and are able to make progress. Our multidisciplinary team is designed to provide effective support in removing potential barriers which may impact on the lives and learning of children. Support from the team takes place either in school, at home or in partnerships with wider community organisations. Within the team there are 15 different languages spoken which aim to appropriately support the diverse linguistic needs of the Harehills community. We aim to provide a personalised approach to supporting our families, implementing suitable plans to empower children and families to positively improve their circumstances.

At Hovingham we acknowledge that parenting is a rewarding experience however can also be at times extremely challenging. What we do know is that at different times within our lives there are times where we may need a bit of extra help. We can assist in areas such as behaviour, special educational needs, family relationships, attendance concerns and parenting strategies. We work closely with the 2gether cluster, health, housing, benefit and family support services in attending to presenting needs. We support families:

  • On a 1:1 basis
  • Through support groups
  • Through parent courses
  • To access other support services

If you require additional support from The Family and Inclusion Team, please feel free to contact Angela Mcloughlin or Phillip Painter on 0113 2489537. Alternatively, a parents drop in session takes place every Wednesday from 14:00 – 15:30, hosted by our Family Support Workers. Please feel free to drop in as no appointment is necessary.

Teaching & Learning Team

Hovingham's Teaching and Learning Team consists of Learning Support staff, Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Nursery Officers and Teachers. As a team, they work collectively and collaboratively to refine and develop Hovingham's agreed approaches and practices to enhance how our children learn. They have the highest aspirations for our children's academic, social and emotional outcomes. The team's exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise dovetails the needs of children. 

Business Support Team

Hovingham’s Business Support Team are focused on operational excellence to ensure that our School’s administrative and premises functions run smoothly, thereby allowing our Teaching & Learning staff to remain focused on children’s learning.

The Business Support Team consists of our office/ administrative staff, cleaning team, facilities team, lunchtime staff and our Hovingham Helpers.