Sports Premium

Physical education is valued at Hovingham Primary School and is an important part of our curriculum. We believe it enables children to grow in confidence, build self esteem and self-reliance, and develop social skills.

Sport helps children to understand teamwork, to learn fair play and sportsmanship and to follow a set of rules. As well as being challenging, lessons are fun, energetic and inclusive. We aim to develop children’s agility, balance and coordination; skills that can be adapted and transferred to all sports.

We offer a varied sports curriculum, which includes: football, rugby, hockey, netball, dance, gymnastics, cross country running, athletics, cricket, orienteering, rounders, tennis, and golf. This breadth ensures there is a sport for everyone and challenges every pupil to participate. Every child takes part in two hours of physical education a week and (in Key Stage 2) has the opportunity to compete in inter class competitions.

Hovingham is aiming to take a more active part in inter-school competitions and access the Active School Leeds Events.


Sports Premium Funding Report

The Government provides additional funding to primary schools to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport. Hovingham Primary School receives approximately £9,500 per year. 

Sports Premium Funding 2016-17 final

Sports Premium Funding 2017-18 final