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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our rationale for why we teach, how we teach and what we teach, is influenced by our knowledge of what our children need to be successful.

  • Our children need a to feel a sense of belonging
    We want our children to develop a sense of belonging; to our school, our community of Harehills, our city of Leeds and our county of Yorkshire.
  • Our children need to know how to build strong relationships with themselves, others and their environment and know how to be good citizens
    We want our children to develop personally and grow into great citizens with strong relationship with themselves, others and their environment.

  • Our children need wider educational Experiences
    We want to meet our families’ aspirations and enable them to connect and learn through wider opportunities; building cultural capital and understanding the interconnections – locally, nationally and globally.
  • How do we do this ?
    We use effective strategies which underpin our curriculum and which permeate throughout it and our teachers know.

  • Oracy: We want our children to have a voice, everything we teach is underpinned by oracy, learning to talk and through talk. Oracy has the same equity as reading and writing.
  • Our values: respect, creativity, tolerance and perseverance
    values 2
  • Mastery: we want our children to have the opportunity to probe, question, revisit and deepen their learning by doing fewer things but in greater depth.
  • Reading: For now and for the future, reading is central to personal development and future success.

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