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Our Curriculum

Hovingham’s Curriculum Impact

The principal will:

  • ensure the strategic direction for Hovingham is aligned to with the whole school vision, values and core purpose.
  • identify priorities through self assessment to form the school development plan
  • lead the team to ensure the school development plan is translated into robust actions which can be monitored and evaluated to ensure continued school improvement.
  • curriculum planning is appropriately sequenced and cohesive and aligned to the NC expectations and the Hovingham curriculum intentions
  • ensure teachers development and strengths are quickly identified so that professional development is targeted appropriately
  • develop a team of specialists
  • hold teachers to account so that they meet professional standards and deliver the intended curriculum.

The leadership team will:

  • ensure curriculum planning is appropriately sequenced and cohesive
  • be specialists in the primary curriculum
  • monitor the effectiveness of curriculum delivery and impact
  • evaluate resources and approaches so that they are aligned with Hovingham’s over-arching aims and implementation model
  • track the progress of all pupil groups and respond if intervention is needed
  • work alongside teachers and support staff to ensure the quality of education is not compromised.
  • support and champion subject leaders and demonstrate best practice
  • subject leaders will be knowledgeable, a champion for the discipline and a motivating influence on others.
  • assess and report impact as part of an ongoing self assessment.

Class teachers will:

  • Plan a sequence of learning which enables all pupils to gain the intended knowledge and skills
  • support and scaffold pupils according to need
  • provide memorable and meaningful lessons which promote a love for learning
  • ensure resources are used effectively and purposefully to fulfil the aims of the sequence of learning.
  • use Hovingham’s implementation model effectively
  • integrate quality texts and quality oracy opportunities so that all pupils can read and talk to learn.
  • Capture learning creatively
  • Assess progress and ensure end points are met
  • Provide a learning environment which is aligned to Hovingham’s values.

Support staff will:

  • Know and understand the sequence of learning
  • Know and understand the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary
  • Provide quality interactions with pupils to support the learners and deep their understanding
  • Use the oracy tools effectively within lessons
  • Support the maintenance of a ready, respectful and safe classroom environment.