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Vision, Values and Core Purpose

At Hovingham Primary School we are motivated by our core purpose, which is to give your children the best experiences we can. We all aim to be a great school, where everyone aims high in everything they do and we are committed to our inspiration and our guiding principles:

Our school filled with motivated children providing opportunities for all children, so that they leave Hovingham as confident learners and with a strong voice to positively influence their future.



Our driving value which underpins our code of conduct for behaviour. Being Ready, Respectful and Safe are the expected behaviours and actions of all and shape our nurturing culture.

We never give up.  We remain positive so that we have the strength to persevere with even the hardest work.  We do what it takes for as long as it takes.


We always respect see different perspectives, we act with humanity and celebrate individuality and diversity to bring us together as a community.  We do not shy away from tackling the stubborn tensions created by unawareness.



Gives values to our intelligence and our talents, it puts our imaginations to work, we have the opportunity to be creative, create new possibilities, be flexible, adaptive and lively.  We recognise creativity as being one of the most critical skills for future generations of children and teachers. 


Our values permeate through everything we do and guide us at Hovingham. Everyone, staff and children are expected and encouraged to live and work through these values, they are our guiding principles in all that we do.