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PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic)


'PSHCE at Hovingham is our educational bedrock, pulsating through every facet of our school life. Rooted in our values of respect, tolerance, perseverance and creativity, this subject is the heartbeat of our curriculum. It provides our children with a powerful voice to positively influence their future, ensuring their safety, it stands as a responsive, adaptive and formidable strength in shaping well-rounded children.'


At Hovingham, we believe that PSHE should be at the centre of everything that we do.
The rationale behind our PSHE curriculum is to prepare children with the knowledge and skills that they need to successfully transition to life beyond and outside of Hovingham Primary so that they can keeps themselves both safe and healthy. Through our PSHE curriculum we will ensure that our children are confident commutators so that they can connect with those around them and express themselves verbally. This will then ensure that they feel listened to, and understood, which will help they feel like a valued member of their community.
We define PSHE as ‘a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future’. PSHE Association July 2013
The statutory requirements, as outline by the National Curriculum states that all schools must provide a curriculum that is broadly based, balanced and meets the needs of all pupils. It must also:

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and

  • Prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life

At Hovingham, our approach to PSHE consists of a comprehensive and developmental programme of teaching and learning, which is delivered in the context of a Healthy School where the health and wellbeing of pupils and of the whole school community are actively promoted. Our PSHE programme has a positive influence on the ethos, learning and relationships throughout the school. It is central to our values and to achieving our school’s stated aims and objectives.

Our PSHE programme helps pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives now and in the future, as individuals, parents/carers, workers and members of society. It is embedded within the wider learning offered by the school to ensure that pupils experience positive relationships with adults and with each other and feel valued, and that those who are most vulnerable are identified and supported. We provide a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the curriculum, to support pupils to contribute contributing fully to the life of our school and community.

The overarching aim for PSHE education is to provide pupils with:

  • accurate and relevant knowledge

  • opportunities to turn that knowledge into personal understanding

  • opportunities to explore, clarify and if necessary, challenge their own and others’ values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities

  • the skills, language and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives


Within this, the school aims to develop pupils’ understanding of:

  • identity, including personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these

  • relationships, including different types and in different settings

  • a healthy lifestyle, including physically, emotionally and socially

  • a balanced lifestyle, including within relationships, work-life, exercise and rest, spending and saving and diet

  • risk, including identification, assessment and how to manage risk rather than simply the avoidance of risk for self and others

  • safety, including behaviour and strategies to employ in different settings

  • diversity and equality, in all its forms

  • rights, including the notion of universal human rights, responsibilities including fairness and justice and consent in different contexts

  • change and resilience, the skills, strategies and ‘inner resources’ we can draw on when faced with challenging change or circumstance

  • power in a variety of contexts including persuasion, bullying, negotiation and ‘win-win’ outcomes

  • career, including enterprise, employability and economic understanding


In September 2020, the Government made Relationships Education compulsory in all primary schools and Relationships and Sex Education compulsory in all secondary schools, and Health Education compulsory in all state-funded schools.  We deliver the content of the statutory guidance through our PSHE curriculum and other curriculum areas such as science and computing.


At Hovingham, a lot of the contents of this guidance is delivered through our Living and Growing topic.  For information regarding Living and Growing, please refer to our Living and Growing policy click here


Whilst finance and careers education are not part of the statutory guidance, at Hovingham, we feel that these topics are crucial for our pupils in order to prepare them for life in modern Britain, and form an integral part of the PSHE curriculum as well as the wider curriculum/personal development programme


The PSHE curriculum is carefully shaped to meet the needs of the school community.  Through pupil, staff and parent voice, as well as close links with the community, we identify the knowledge, skills and attributes our pupils need to navigate life during their time at Hovingham and beyond.   


The PSHE content, for every year group, from Nursery to Year 6, is clearly mapped out so that there is progression of knowledge and skills and teachers know and understand what to teach and when to teach it. The PSHE lead provides training and support so that staff have the knowledge and confidence to deliver the PSHE curriculum effectively.  Explicit PSHE lessons are taught weekly, and this learning is enhanced through the many links to other curriculum areas and the wider opportunities available through the personal development programme.


What will this look like in the classroom ?
Our teaching sequence, through the 5A model, is planned and structured around oracy, our teachers are knowledgeable around the PSHCE content and the progression of skills and knowledge.

Each teacher uses the PSHCE ‘ non-negotiables’ as a bedrock for teaching.
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Our classrooms will:

  • Provide appropriate quality resources for each topic.

  • Be organised so that pupils can work in small groups or whole class as appropriate to support pupils in their development of their skills.

  • Be a safe and calm space 

Our children will be:

  • Safe, happy and respected in PSHE lessons which give them opportunities to explore, question and articulate their feelings and the feelings of others.

  • Engaged because they are interested and understand the value of the curriculum and experiences which they are provided with.

  • Encouraged and nurtured to overcome any barriers to their learning or self-confidence because feedback is positive

  • Resilient learners who overcome barriers and understand their own strengths and areas for development.

  • Able to critique their own work because they know how to be successful.

  • Given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to real life events to help them make informed and healthy choices now and in the future.